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Protect Your Confidential Documents

Whether your company is large or small, there will always be a need to destroy your company’s confidential documents. Financial, payroll, tax returns, correspondence and lists containing your customer’s vital information, just to name a few, should all be destroyed through shredding. Everyone has the right to privacy and the legal right to have this information protected. If you do not protect this information, it is very possible that your company can be brought up on criminal charges.

Private information isn’t limited to bank statements and business contracts. Printed confidential materials are produced daily in every business and by every employee —from employee medical records to strategic planning documents. As the fastest-growing form of fraud, identity theft and corporate espionage threatens to destroy personal credit ratings as well as business reputation and security.

Governments and regulators around the world continue to develop legislation to help protect individuals and businesses. But prevention is the best solution. American Document Services secure shredding services were developed specifically to deal with these regulatory privacy and confidentiality requirements in each area of business. Compliance with these privacy policies isn’t just good business practice; it’s now the law.
There are laws requiring the retention of documents and how long they need to be kept in order to comply. Setting up a schedule and sticking to it is very important. Documentation of the destruction process is important if your company becomes involved in a legal situation. The Certificate of Destruction will give you that documentation. Protecting your reputation and your information with a shredding service program that meets your current and changing business needs are the advantages of having American Document Services as your document destruction partner.

American Document Services can provide secure locked containers to hold your documents. We can set up a schedule that meets your needs and is perfect for your situation. Our mobile unit will make regular onsite pickups, shred your documents in a secure environment and provide documentation that the process has been completed.

If you choose to store your documents in a storage facility, American Document Services offers a very secure environment. Securing your documents and the information they contain must be taken seriously. Your company will still be responsible if your company information ends up in the wrong hands. It is wise to have someone in upper management or security personnel witness the destruction of these important documents.

Keep your confidential documents private. Follow the guidelines listed above and be assured that American Document Services will offer a secure and legal choice for your company to comply with the federal and local laws concerning the destruction of sensitive documents.

NAID Certification —Beneficial to our Customers
It is the customer that ultimately benefits from a company becoming NAID certified.  This certification gives you—the customer and ADS—the vendor, peace of mind that ADS is  a certified, qualified, reputable data destruction vendor satisfying the legal requirement of effectively complying with todays Data Protection Laws and Regulations.
NAID Certification ensures security specifications such as:
  • Properly functioning destruction equipment
  • Access to materials is restricted at all times
  • CCTV monitoring at all times
  • Containers and vehicles protect information from unauthorized access at all times during transport and processing

no matter what type of business you have we can assist any of your needs!







Pricing depends on the number of documents in the project and the need of the client. We would need to meet with you to determine your product needs and a fair estimate.

Pricing includes:

  • Pickup
  • Logging in of documents.
  • Document clean up/preparation.
  • Scanning.
  • Indexing.
  • Quality Check.
  • Back up to disk.
  • Delivery of the completed project.
  • Secure destruction.

The following retention periods shown are not offered as final authority, but as guidelines against which to check your company needs.

Statutes of limitations for your State, as well as regulations of government agencies pertaining to your business must be considered. Because state retention statutes vary widely on tax, unemployment, and worker’s compensation records, check with your regional tax authorities for details.

A final precautionary step is to have your CPA or attorney approve your records retention timetable in its final form. Also, there may be very good reasons to keep records longer than legally required, for historical reference purposes. American Document Services can set up a custom retention schedule based on your needs.

What to Shred

Knowing what to shred is vital to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your organization.

Paper consumption continues to increase, despite the advances in technology. So does the risk of information falling into the wrong hands. American Document Services paper shredding solutions reduce that risk.

Personal data and confidential information on your company, your employees or your customers needs to be protected. It’s not just good practice. It’s the law. A shredding program designed for you by American Document Services helps keep you compliant with your legislation. Download a copy of our Retention Guide here.

Knowing what to shred is vital. With American Document Services as your shredding services partner, it’s easy. American Document Services secure document destruction process empowers organizations, big or small, to make sure this information is secure.

Although individual needs may vary, here is a good indication of what to shred.


Executive level

  • Strategic Reports
  • Budgets
  • Legal contracts
  • Correspondence

Human Resources

  • Payroll information
  • Performance appraisals
  • Applications
  • Disciplinary reports and promotions
  • Medical records
  • Treatment programs

Research and Development

  • New product information
  • Reports
  • Formulas, product plans and tests
  • Specification drawings

Accounting and Information Technology

  • Payroll statements
  • Budget schedules
  • Internal reports
  • Supplier information
  • Customer lists


  • Manuals
  • Training information
  • Activity sheets
  • Contracts
  • General service information
  • Health and safety issues
  • Appraisals, product testing, etc.


  • Supplier records
  • Supplier specifications
  • Supplier purchase orders
  • Supplier confidential information
  • Corporate records

Sales and Marketing

  • Customer lists and contracts
  • Strategies
  • Advertising
  • Activity sheets
  • Training information

Protect yourself, your company and your customers, and let American Document Services safeguard your privacy.

Our regularly scheduled service is the best option for protecting your information and reputation. Our unbroken chain of custody ensures your sensitive day to day information is secure from the moment it is placed in the secure consoles until it is shredded.

One-Time Paper Shredding Service May Be All You Need

Our One-Time Paper Shredding Service is best when you need to destroy sensitive information periodically such as outdated files or old tax records.

American Document Services can provide paper shredding services to you in a secure, convenient and compliant way.

Making sure you’re secure

Companies must remain vigilant because the risk of printed information falling into the wrong hands remains a constant threat. A growing risk is electronic loss of information due to the increased use of technology and computers to exchange information. Files may be shared electronically, but printed copies are still a norm and the information they contain is often easier to obtain than the originals saved on a computer.

Through our secure document destruction shredding process American Document Services protects your organization big or small, to securing the confidential information of your customers, your suppliers, and your company.

Protecting the security and privacy of your materials begins the moment they are deposited into your office’s American Document Service bin. And the chain of custody remains unbroken until your documents are destroyed following our secure shredding process and your Certificate of Destruction is received.

American Document Service’s locked security bins keep materials safe from curious janitors or other employees when you’re not around. At your convenience and based on a schedule arranged to suit your needs, a American Document Service Customer Service Representative (CSR) unlocks the console and transports your materials to a secure shredding truck waiting outside.

Depending on your preference, your documents can either be shredded on site or taken away and destroyed in the same secure manner at a later time. For whichever method you choose, a Certificate of Destruction is issued that confirms the secure shredding of your confidential materials.

Our facility is under constant surveillance to make sure your files are secure.