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Document Destruction Compliance Is The Law

Keeping customer and employee information secure is more than good business. It’s the law. Legislation concerning privacy is becoming more rigorous and continues to be strictly enforced. Organizations that fail to comply will incur severe penalties. Companies that fail to comply are at risk of litigation and penalties.

Privacy legislation includes the ultimate destruction of confidential information, and shredding is the preferred method of document destruction. Personal information contained in documents must be destroyed so that it cannot be recreated.

American Document Services’ document destruction services have been developed specifically to deal with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of individuals and organizations. We make it our business to help you know the privacy legislation and document destruction requirements and meet them so that you can focus on your core business.

Our proven, secure document destruction standards make sure your documents get destroyed in compliance with the legislation that applies to your business needs, your specific industry, and your municipal, regional and federal compliance requirements.

Our in-truck shredders are incredibly powerful, destroying sensitive documents so that they can’t possibly be reconstructed. And we can look after your electronic e-waste destruction needs as well.

Utilizing American Document Services will keep your organization compliant. We look after the privacy and security of all your information.