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We make the offsite storage of your business records very easy from
moving your boxed files into storage, maintaining easy access and
destroying your documents at the end of their life-cycle.

Our Record Storage Center

Our storage facility is among the finest in the industry; equipped with
custom racking to store your boxed documents, state-of-art security
technologies and fire suppression systems that are monitored 24/7 to
protect your records.


What Does Offsite Document Storage Cost

Using office space to store confidential paper documents or a self-storage unit is expensive and not always available. You must also factor
in ongoing costs, including employee labor, rent, document storage racks and file boxes. A more cost-effective solution is working with
American Document Services. For only a few dollars per box each year, you can store your documents and media in a secure and
professional record storage center. You only pay for the cartons in storage, subject to certain minimums, making offsite storage with ADS
a much more economical option.

How We Track & Manage Your Business Records

American Document Services uses industry specific barcode inventory control systems to track each box. Each carton is assigned a unique
barcode that is scanned into the ADS database when it is initially released to us and again each time there is an activity with a box. This allows ADS
to track the location and complete history of each carton. We can electronically validate cartons at every step, ensuring that we know who
delivered what to whom and when it was delivered or collected. Our customers can also receive a complete history of each boxes activity


How To Access Your Offsite Records Storage

When you need a box or file to be delivered or picked up from the ADS Document Storage Facility it’s very easy. You can call, email, fax or use our
customer online portal. Our pickup and delivery service by our company staff and vehicles allows you to have your documents delivered or
collected and transported directly to your office. If you just need a file instead of the whole box we can also scan your documents with our
scan-on-demand service and provide you with digital copies sent by email, making it easy to access your information whenever you need it.

Why American Document Services is Your Best Option

ADS is a local company that focuses on providing an excellent document storage service. When you call ADS you get to speak directly to
our local staff not some call center in a foreign country. We are not some big national company where you are just a number. When you
have a request, it is addressed right away with just one telephone call, you won’t have to speak to many people and get frustrated.

American Document Services is NAID AAA Certified

It is the customer that ultimately benefits from a company becoming NAID Certified. This certification gives you – the customer and American Document Services – the vendor, peace of mind that ADS is a certified, qualified, reputable data destruction vendor satisfying the legal requirement of effectively complying with todays Data Protection Laws and Regulations.

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