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Making sure you’re secure

Companies must remain vigilant because the risk of printed information falling into the wrong hands remains a constant threat. A growing risk is electronic loss of information due to the increased use of technology and computers to exchange information. Files may be shared electronically, but printed copies are still a norm and the information they contain is often easier to obtain than the originals saved on a computer.

Through our secure document destruction shredding process American Document Services protects your organization big or small, to securing the confidential information of your customers, your suppliers, and your company.

Protecting the security and privacy of your materials begins the moment they are deposited into your office’s American Document Service bin. And the chain of custody remains unbroken until your documents are destroyed following our secure shredding process and your Certificate of Destruction is received.

American Document Service’s locked security bins keep materials safe from curious janitors or other employees when you’re not around. At your convenience and based on a schedule arranged to suit your needs, a American Document Service Customer Service Representative (CSR) unlocks the console and transports your materials to a secure shredding truck waiting outside.

Depending on your preference, your documents can either be shredded on site or taken away and destroyed in the same secure manner at a later time. For whichever method you choose, a Certificate of Destruction is issued that confirms the secure shredding of your confidential materials.

Our facility is under constant serveilance to make sure your files are secure.